218: Legit Schedule Talk

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218: Legit Schedule Talk
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In this edition, Giancarlo Navas (host), Alex Toledo (co-host), and Brian Goins (producer) discuss:

• Bam Adebayo getting kicked off Team USA…meh…

• Gregg Popovich is trash for letting Yante Maten lead a team of G-Leaguers to a scrimmage victory against the Adebayo-less Team USA squad. Meanwhile, Jeff Van Gundy is so coming back for that Houston Rockets job! Lightyears!

• We promise we breakdown NBA schedule talk with two key takeaways no one else is saying about the Miami Heat’s 2019-20 schedule release.

• Gianni reacts to his own tweets about hating dogs…we’re sorry for his actions

….and so much more!!!

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