215: No Haul For Chris Paul

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215: No Haul For Chris Paul
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Welcome, welcome, welcome to The Heat Beat Podcast! We officially announce our network team-up with Blue Wire. We’re so excited for this new chapter of our podcast, and we thank you the listener for riding along with us. 

In this edition, Giancarlo Navas (host), Brass Jazz (co-host), Christian Hernandez (co-host), and Brian Goins (producer) discuss:

• Multiple reports indicate Miami is in talks to acquire Oklahoma City All-Star guard Chris Paul after missing out on the Russell Westbrook sweepstakes.

• Why the Heat aren’t as aggressive unless they can recoup one or two of their 2021 and 2023 first-round picks in a CP3 deal.

• Is CP3 at his age and supermax contract worth the risk for the Heat? What’s the most Miami should be willing to give up?

• Who would Miami ideally target as a third star? Could Bradley Beal find his way out of Washington if he turns down his extension in less than two weeks?

• We bring back the #MHBMailbag segment and answer some of your best Twitter questions!

Expect more content (podcasts, live shows, videos, and stories) to come. Follow us at MiamiHeatBeat.com and on Twitter @miaheatbeat.

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