214: Westbrook Wars // #HerroHive

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The Miami Heat Beat Podcast
214: Westbrook Wars // #HerroHive
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In this edition of The Heat Beat Podcast, Giancarlo Navas (host), Greg “Leif” Sylvander (co-host), Nekias Duncan (co-host), Alex Toledo (co-host), and Brian Goins (producer) discuss:

• Multiple reports on Miami’s interest in acquiring Oklahoma City All-Star guard Russell Westbrook. Is Westbrook at his age and contract worth the risk for the Heat? What’s the most Miami should be willing to give up?

• Leif brings back the “MHB Hope Traffic” segment with his spin on how Pat Riley sees the opportunity of landing Westbrook as a no-brainer transaction.

• What would a team surrounded by Westbrook and Jimmy Butler look like? Could they co-exist and be a good enough tandem to vault Miami into Eastern Conference contention?

• The guys break down Tyler Herro’s impressive Summer League performance with analysis from Nekias and Alex, who are covering Vegas Summer League as credentialed media.

…and so much more!!!


  1. Pete Andrei says:

    westbrook,mr. triple double period. Who cares… where that triple double of russel westbrook lead his old team (okc) NOTHING. please Pat Riley, do not make a TRADE IT’S NOT WORTH IT. RUSSEL WESTBROOK IS A FAILURE AND A BIG LOOSER… THE MIAMI HEAT YOUNGER PLAYERS ARE NOW THE FUTURE OF THE MIAMI HEAT TEAM. LIKE A GEM THAT WILL TRUELY SHINES, ANYWHERE ANYTIME.

  2. WadeCounty305 says:

    How could a player who average 22/11/10 be a bad pick up be real who the hell has the heat had who Consistently average that the last four years and if you no anything about BBall he will average whole lot more then that in the East

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