212: Cap Gymnastics (Jimmy Butler Sign-and-Trade) w/ Albert Nahmad (HeatHoops.com)

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212: Cap Gymnastics (Jimmy Butler Sign-and-Trade) w/ Albert Nahmad (HeatHoops.com)
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We had the privilege of welcoming NBA salary cap expert @AlbertNahmad of HeatHoops.com to help us process the complex Jimmy Butler sign-and-trade scenario. Be ready to take notes about the hard cap and Base Year Compensation (BYC) before getting your trade machine ready.

We also dive deep into:

• Why Miami may be better off rolling over its salary cap space for the summer of 2021? Potential for nearly $100 million-plus in cap space if the Heat plan their moves right.
• What moves Albert would make if he was the Heat’s GM?
• Projecting the future salary cap spikes of the NBA
• How Tyler Johnson was the catalyst for Miami forgoing its cap flexibility…
• Could Miami have done more to retain Dwyane Wade back in 2016?

…and so much more!!!


  1. TKO says:

    I’m unable to play the video nor am I able to download it when clicking on the “Download file” link. Has the video been taken down?

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