208: Raptors Beat // Heat Draft Nuggets

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208: Raptors Beat // Heat Draft Nuggets
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A tale of two shows, featuring Giancarlo Navas (host), Brian Goins (producer), Greg “Leif” Sylvander, Alex Toledo, Nekias Duncan, and our two special guests: Lior Kozai (Def Pen Hoops) and Imman (Raptors Twitter).

Gianni leads his Raptors crusade by breaking down the NBA Finals subplots, matchup schemes, and narratives entering Thursday night’s Game 1 in Toronto (2:28). We spend the second half of the show debating the latest rumors and reports about Miami’s “potentially aggressive” offseason approach (via Barry Jackson, Miami Herald), plus NBA Draft analysis on who Miami may target at No. 13, and why it may end up being an offensive-oriented wing (37:53).

To stay caught up with Miami’s scheduled pre-draft workouts, pro day attendances, and draft chatter, follow our official Pre-Draft Tracker, which is updated daily with the latest reports and information as they’re made available. 

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